MARC MY WORDS is a magazine produced during lockdown by KMAdotcom and The Makers member Marc Smith. A prolific artist and wordsmith, MARC MY WORDS showcases Marc’s diverse skillset encompassing poetry, line drawing, collage and word art, inviting you to explore his ideas and share your own.

“Tell me about yourself, let me understand what you are on about – people see each other and they go one way. Understand different people but don’t take it to the end.”

A shared interest in ideas and collaboration led to Tate Curator Linsey Young getting in touch with Marc to find out more about his work and the work of KMAdotcom. Marc, Linsey and KMA artist Laura Aldridge met up over Zoom during lockdown to discuss his practice. Read the conversation and keep up with Marc’s work on his website.

“Believe in your self. Take me to the top. Always find something to do.”

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