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The Makers are used to meeting up in a group and participating in workshops with artists who can share their skills and find ways for the group to be creative together. In the past the group has made products to sell, organised fashion shoots, and designed a successful club night.

During lockdown, the Makers moved their regular workshops online. Artlink supported people to stay in touch, including providing tablets and data for people who did not have access to their own devices. Being able to see each other’s faces was really important to the Makers – one participant, who had been joining in by phone, was delighted when we provided him with a tablet and data and he was able to see everyone again.

Artlink was able to provide Makers with the tools and equipment they needed for the workshops, but the support provided extended far beyond that, and was embedded in the years of face to face work which we have done, which has built trust and confidence, and where participants learned creative skills and techniques in a supported and positive environment.

Working with familiar artists was also helpful to the Makers, and the artists were able to use their skills and ingenuity to make online workshops as interactive and enjoyable as possible. Having an understanding of the needs, interests, and abilities of the group meant that the workshops could be pitched at a level that everybody could enjoy, and join in with.

The Artmail project with Marcus Oakley has been created by people who love drawing and designing. Marcus posts out weekly drawing challenges for people to post back to him. Particpants have decided that the artwork made in this exchange should be turned into products or postcards with the money raised going to the Midlothian Foodbank. The project is in progress and we will let you know when the products are available for sale on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.


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