A Week On Ward 72

There is new exhibition of drawings by Mark Kirkham – ‘The Edinburgh Sketcher’- at the Western General Gallery, documenting a week he spent on Ward 72 at the Royal Victoria Building.

Mark is an illustrator based in Edinburgh who produces an almost daily sketch blog of life in and around Scotland’s beautiful capital; an online sketchbook of scribbles and observations of daily life. We invited Mark in to become an artist in residence in the care of the elderly wards documenting situations and stories from patients and staff. These observational drawings begin to explore how we might communicate healthcare experiences differently and create greater understanding of the patient experience. As one patient told us: “I really enjoyed meeting Mark he came across as a very intelligent and interesting young man who obviously loves to draw. I liked his drawings and the amount of detail he has put, he’s captured North Berwick beautifully although he’s aged me by one year as i’m 90 not 91 but I am in my 91st year so I will let him off. I’ve showed it to some friends and they really like it too. I ended up being in hospital for three months and it was lovely to chat to Mark about other things and for someone from outside to come in to the ward.”

The exhibition of Mark’s residency work as well as some of his other sketches are at the Western General Gallery from now until the end of November. For more information please contact info@artlinkedinburgh.co.uk.

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