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Artlink is delighted to present a series of commissions realised as part of the yearlong Ever / Present / Past programme in the University of Edinburgh’s Talbot Rice Gallery.

The history of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital spans 200 years, covering many life times and diverse experiences of the psychiatric system.  These experiences, some sad, some heartening, some funny and some down right odd, give a different insight into the everyday life of this Hospital and the ways in which it has changed over the years.

Over the past year an immense programme of research was undertaken in which artists Mark Dion, Claire Barclay, Anne Elliot, Laura Aldridge, Laura Spring, Alex Wilde and writer Nicola White became researchers. Each devised their own approach to involving the individuals they met with. Patients, staff, managers, archivists and local communities all have contributed to the dialogue. Some became researchers, others characters in stories, consultants offering advice or co-creators making work.

Their collated experiences now offer us new perspectives of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital’s history.

The exhibition runs from the 16 November till 15 February 2014. A full programme of talks and events accompanies the exhibition which will be published next week.

To celebrate the hospital’s rich tradition of making, we created a range of original objects designed by patients in collaboration with artists, designers and manufacturers.

For further information please contact us info@artlinkedinburgh.co.uk.

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