Keeping Bees

topbar hive2Over the next fortnight Patrick O’Growney, lead artist for Artlink’s work in community mental health, will tell you about a conversation that started when gardening in the summer of 2011 and has led us to work with a beekeeper and bespoke furniture maker over the past two years.


August 2011On a sunny afternoon at Whyte Place, Lower London Road, whilst busy gardening – a conversation strikes up between Brian Kemp, Patrick and Alex Wilde about his Brian’s grandfather who kept bees in Somerset. As often happens in these conversations it draws out other anecdotes and we find that Iain Dunne’s grandfather had been a beehive maker in Dundee by trade in the early part of the last century. As the conversation developed it becomes clear that there is quite a bit of interest in beekeeping amongst the people there and we soon decided to invite David Wright, Artlink Board Member and member of the  Edinburgh and Midlothian Beekeepers Association, to come along and give us some introductory sessions on beekeeping.

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