The barter project creates artwork made by people with learning disability, as an alternative form of currency to trade in return for goods, services or new experiences. This amazing hiking boot was created by the Friday barter workshop participants for the benefit of a rambling or walking society in Midlothian. Midlothian Council’s ‘Ageing Well’ project coordinator, Vivienne Wallace, saw an advert we posted on a Midlothian agency website, and wanted to give the artwork a home with Ageing Well for a very specific purpose. She wants to use the trophy to acknowledge the commitment of her volunteers who volunteer their time to lead health walks across Midlothian. These champions of healthy living will then nominate the next recipient, so the foot stays 2 months at a time with one owner, then moves on!

In return, Vivienne has offered two workshops for older adults with learning disability in Cherry Road Resource Centre, one in line dancing and the other in indoor curling.

This project is financed by Midlothian Council, the Scottish Government and the European Tyne-Esk Leader 2007-2013 programme.

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