Keeping Bees – printmaking


April 2013 – The hives are to be complete for the 2013 bee keeping season critically no later than June to house new colonies. But before the hive is brought into action we manage to use them for four life drawing sessions in our Visual Art workshop. The Visual Art group are now using their drawings on an eight week etching and printmaking course at the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop.

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Keeping Bees – James’ musings


January 2013 – George Robertson, Jason Thomson, Brian Kemp, James Carter, Iain Dunne, Franco D’Acunto, David Wright, Annabel Bartle and Patrick O’Growney are the backbone of the making group. Every possible part of the hive that can be handmade is – from the half blind dovetail joints of the brood and super boxes to the mortise and tenon joints of the hive stands.

Writer James Carter is always on hand to write down his musings of our visits in the workshop………………….

“The bee-hive really is taking shape!

James was involved in assembling honey-frames with a lot of help from Susan and Patrick.

David Wright, James and Bryan were busy bees at chiselling into the inner corners of the hive drawers so that we could line the drawers with rails for the honey-frames to latch on to.

Meanwhile, Ian was preoccupied with the stand for the bee-hive and he, David, Lucy and Annabel worked on the various segments that will fit together with fox-wedge joints, Ian and David largely chiselling, Lucy and Annabel sawing.

Jason again true to form was doing something creative: a skull-like wooden sculpture, half-human, half-apelike that demonstrated his unique skill as a brilliant artist.

Even without the dominating presence of our have-a-go hero George Cliff Robertson, Patrick felt that we made such progress it would require only one further session to complete our bee-hive-making project.”

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Keeping Bees – making hives

Beehive Making PictureNovember 2012The next stage involved us getting a skilled woodworker and venue for us to create the hives. Susan Harper just finished her furniture making course at the Chippendale School of Furniture and invited folk at Artlink to come and see her show. Impressed with her skills and the set up in Gifford, the school soon becomes our making base for the next months.

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Keeping Bees – designing hives

beehive designSeptember 2012As a result of our growing understanding of bee keeping we decide to try and construct our own Top Bar Beehive .  After successfully completing this it is still awaiting its final destination, for now it is stored in David Wright’s garage.  We soon look at the further potential of making our very own Smith bee hives. These are hives particularly specific to Scotland. Vic Macrae a participant and a graphic designer, initially draws up some 3D plans for our newly designed hives based on the groups design ideas. Although the hive needs to be a standard size and shape we get Vic to use her creative skills and design a bespoke roof for the hive.

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Morningside Mirror

Welcome to this special edition of the Morningside Mirror. We are celebrating the Royal Edinburgh Hospital’s bicentenary and inside you will find stories about the plans that will make 2013 a year to remember.

This new edition is part of ‘Ever Present Past’ project at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital developed and coordinated by Artlink. The project explores the history of the Hospital through a series of talks, events and workshops and artist placements throughout 2013 – the Hospital’s bi-centenary.

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Music, Health and Wellbeing


Join us on Wednesday 26th June 2013 at 5.30pm at the Divisional Lecture Theatre, Royal Edinburgh Hospital for a talk on music , health and wellbeing  by Raymond MacDonald Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation at the School of Music at the University of Edinburgh

In this talk he will explore different perspectives investigating the benefits of music and health- why does music make you feel better?

This talk is part of ‘Ever Present Past’ project at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital developed and coordinated by Artlink. The project explores the history of the Hospital through a series of talks, events and workshops and artist placements throughout 2013 – the Hospital’s bi-centenary

Heart and Soul Singsters


The Royal Edinburgh Hospital singing group the Heart and Soul Singsters join forces with the Edinburgh University Music Society chorus for a massed sing in the Georgian Gallery. Part of the Ever Present Past programme celebrating 200 years of the hospital, the massed sing will be a fun event to experiment with the acoustics of the gallery and for people to experience singing as part of a big group.

Join us on Friday, 21st of June at the Talbot Rice Gallery for an open rehearsal from 5.30 – 6.30pm to practice the songs with song leader Penny Stone. The event will start at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to join.

People are encouraged to wear something red to make a visual impact. If you can’t make the rehearsal everyone attending the public performance will be welcome to sing or hum along.

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Talbot Rice Gallery,The University of Edinburgh,Old College,South Bridge,Edinburgh EH8 9YL, find directions to the Gallery here .

New Report

Explorations in Participation – Artlink was supported by Creative Scotland to explore experiences of older people in the arts and create new opportunities for meaningful participation. This work was
commissioned in the context of an ageing population and the need to think positively about
new roles for older people and the contributions that can be made to society. Listen to an essay about the work by Morven Crumlish including quotes from participants and artists.


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This publication is also available in Braille, Tape and Large print formats.
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