Human Threads

The large scale, multi-sensory exhibition was conceived as an accessible, creative experience informed by individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Human Threads took the form of an interactive landscape which invited audiences on a journey of light, sound, touch and smell.


To explore how different perspectives can bring us together we have asked different artists and thinkers to respond to issues that were being unearthed as Covid-19 started to take its toll on our communities in March 2020. Each writer was asked to respond to a simple brief that in some way related to their lived experience, providing the opportunity to open up these issues, to better understand what we could and should have in common.

Click on each image to view or download a printable pdf version (requires Adobe Reader).


Everyone had their own perspective on the Human Threads exhibition. What follows is a cross section of these experiences – to establish a fuller picture of the artworks and their impact. We learn from taking the time to understand the specifics of involvement, we understand that each person has their own very particular way of being involved. Our intention is to share these different perspectives to establish a more generous understanding of each other and the common ground we share.

Listen to Alison Stirling, Artlink’s Artistic Director talk about Human Threads to Ellie and David from RNIB Connect.


Find out more about the unique arts practices shaped by people with profound and multiple learning disabilties over the last 20 years that have shaped Human Threads.

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