Leylines and Curious Routes

at Broxburn United Sports Club from the 12th April to the 3rd of May 2018

The Value of Meaningful Activity

Hospital Activities Programme, January – March 2019

Revista Mesa Magazine

Brazil and Scotland: Weaving Care as a Method

The Artlink Shop

#KMAdotcom artists have made work especially for those of you who want a little piece of original artwork for someone you love.

The Ripple Effect

Join us at the report launch and reception
Thursday 29th November 6 – 7.30pm
Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

Artlink in Midlothian

Unique projects directed by people with learning disability and autism


Creative connections for mental health in West Lothian

The Ideas Team

Contemporary arts practices shaped by the interests and lived experiences of people with profound learning disabilities

Arts Access

The Arts Access service creates links between people who want to discover and enjoy the arts in Edinburgh.

Curious Routes

Connecting the creative skills of individuals with mental health problems to people and organisations who share a common interest.