Networks Header“I enjoy the art and the company at the glasshouses. I always feel relaxed and calm”. As part of our programme of work in Lothian hospitals we manage the Glasshouses at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital as a resource for the whole hospital community and uses it as a base to run a varied programme of creative and gardening workshops and events in the Glasshouses, on wards and out in the grounds.“You have got your own space to do a good picture and be around people.”

We often work with staff and patients creating art work for events like the annual summer fete, growing month, picnics and festive parties. We also help wards and departments to make changes to their environment while learning new skills like growing plants for a patio or printing textiles for cushions and screens.“Its good to have a varied programme of activities, there is always something on that will appeal to people with different interests.”

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Our arts programme in hospitals across the Lothians, builds partnerships with patients, staff and the public. We encourage patients and staff to gain a new experience or skill and support the hospital community to improve their environment. The programme supports four exhibition spaces with a varied programme, organises performing and visual arts events and commissions artists to make work with specific relevance to the healthcare situation.

“I think the idea of painting motifs in the ward gym is a great idea. I know of two patients who were involved in the painting of the final designs in the gallery and they seemed to enjoy being part of the final design! I have spotted a few designs around the hospital on windows and on the back of wheelchairs, I have to say they look brilliant – especially the ones on the window!  My partner ended up in A & E last weekend and I was pushing him in a wheelchair and one of my patient’s motifs was on the back of the wheelchair, put a smile on my face to see that!”

For more information contact for our work at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and for our work in the Lothian general hospitals and exhibitions or visit Healthcare News.

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