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“I’ve got my mojo back. These days I’m helping on Artlink projects and using so many creative skills. I get a lot out of my involvement and love meeting the other people on the creative projects. My design skills have been really developing.”

We support people experiencing enduring mental ill health in Edinburgh and West Lothian to develop meaningful opportunities to pursue their creative interests.

The starting point for our work is always the individual’s skills and their interests. Initial conversations help shape ideas that eventually evolve into realistic and tailored results with the input of experts in the wider community. “I’ve been receiving inspirational criticism from the Scottish writer, Laura Marney, as well as attending her marvellous book-group on a monthly basis.” Laura says: “We’re all from different backgrounds with different tastes and opinions but we share a love of stories and enjoy the debate. Other people’s analysis of the story enhances our own. This more than doubles the pleasure.”

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With the Edinburgh Bee-keepers Association we ran a series of bee-keeping sessions which developed into a small group creating bespoke beehives with the input of a recent graduate from the Chippendale School of Furniture in Gifford. “We have met the Bee-Keeper David Wright and with his help we have started to construct our own hive.  As writers, we have written something catchy to go on the hive and Mr Wright has given us a glimpse of what could be the outcome of our achievement with his delicious honey-buns.” A conversation with a participant who is a keen angler developed into angling group who created a unique booklet for fly tying and fishing in association with the West Lothian Angling Association. The group regularly go angling to local fisheries but also to further afield angling hotspots such the River Tweed.

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