Mental Health

Leylines and Curious Routes

at Broxburn United Sports Club from the 12th April to the 3rd of May 2018


Creative connections for mental health in West Lothian

Curious Routes

A passion for beekeeping led us to design the Scottish Beekeepers Association stand at the 2015 Royal Highland Show….

Curious Routes

Connecting the creative skills of individuals with mental health problems to people and organisations who share a common interest.

Unique Posters
JBS Poster

Julie Busk

Over the last months we have been working with visual artists Andrew Gannon to create a unique series of one-off posters, documenting our beekeeping activities to date. Andrew’s own practice is very much informed by the documentation of his life performances in poster format – go and have a look at his latest work!

Keeping Bees – final instalment


June 2013 – On the 30th of May our double Smith hives are delivered to Edinburgh and Midlothian Beekeepers Association’s apiary in West Edinburgh. They are immediately put into use with new colonies being housed within them. The completed hives will hopefully yield some honey this year and continue to be used for many more years to come. The hives are dedicated to the memory of a true friend and participant on the project, Carolyn Ellis who sadly passed away in January 2012.

We want to continue with our endeavours in bee keeping and establish are exploring various options; from people’s gardens to placing hives on rooftops. We will continue to make our own hives and build on our experience so far in beehive making and beekeeping in Edinburgh. Recently we have been donated parts of National and Smith hives by EMBA to help us carry on our interest in beekeeping.

Please contact for more information.

Keeping Bees – introduction to beekeeping


May 2013 – It is time now to get our interested beekeepers skilled up. Michael Black, Iain Dunne, George Robertson, Franco D’Acunto, Jason Thomson and Patrick O’Growney complete the Introduction to Beekeeping course run by EMBA in May 2013. This beginners course consists of eight weeks information based classes and four practical visits to various apiaries in Edinburgh and West Lothian. This is your first step into keeping bees and is a fantastic intro into the do’s and don’ts of bee keeping in your area.

Please contact for more information.