Learning Disability

The Ideas Team

Contemporary arts practices shaped by the interests and lived experiences of people with profound learning disabilities

The Makers

Five week creative workshops open to adults with learning disability who live in Midlothian.


There is a small group of artists working together in Midlothian who are quietly turning discrimination on its head.

Barter Swap Shop


The barter project creates artwork made by people with learning disability, as an alternative form of currency to trade in return for goods, services or new experiences. This amazing hiking boot was created by the Friday barter workshop participants for the benefit of a rambling or walking society in Midlothian. Midlothian Council’s ‘Ageing Well’ project…

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Annual Review 2011

This year’s Annual Review is written by guest writer Nicola Wright who explores the challenges posed by low expectations and cuts in services.

This publication is also available in Braille, Tape and Large print formats.
Please contact us for your copy.