Ideas Team

Ideas Team

We are in a continual process of working out the best way to support individuals through a period of extensive change. Change in both the way that they are cared for and the way that that care is funded. To explore and pre-empt some of these changes, in a way that allows us to test and challenge traditional understanding of the arts within a disability context, we have created an experimental zone.

It’s a space in which we have the time to learn. Its not about short term projects or quick fixes. Its an area of exploration, in which we try out many different approaches, collaborating with others from fields as diverse as engineering and social care. Most importantly its about questioning and revisiting the purpose of each approach, ensuring its continued relevance to the people we work with.

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The Ideas Team

Contemporary arts practices shaped by the interests and lived experiences of people with profound learning disabilities

Auction Fever!

@ArtlinkEdin Scott vs Zombies Auction Fever-the highest bid at £54! Great way to celebrate #WorldAustismAwarnessDay — Autism Network (@Autism_Network) April 2, 2014 Wonderful evening @ Stockbridge library,celebrating @WorldAutismDay & publication of Scott v the Zombies @ArtlinkEdin — Rosemary Kaye (@RosemaryKaye1) April 2, 2014

Scott vs Zombies

Scott vs Zombies Poster

Alan Grant famous for his work on 2000AD and Batman and Scott Davidson, a young man who has autism and the inspiration behind Scott vs Zombies, created this wonderful new limited edition Comic drawn by Robin Smith. We are really pleased that Scott vs Zombies has just been selected as one of the Top 10…

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Wendy Jacob

Artist Wendy Jacob, the creator of the Squeeze Chair* with Temple Grandin is coming to Midlothian to work staff from the Cherry Road Day Centre at the beginning of March.  She will be working with people with profound learning disabilities looking at the idea of ‘fascinations’ , what holds an individual’s attention,  acts as a…

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Annual Review 2011

This year’s Annual Review is written by guest writer Nicola Wright who explores the challenges posed by low expectations and cuts in services.

This publication is also available in Braille, Tape and Large print formats.
Please contact us for your copy.