Barter Swap Shop

barter swap shop

The Pig Rock Bothy Project, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Monday 16th March to Sunday 22nd March

An exciting series of exchanges are about to take place inside the Pig Rock Bothy in the grounds of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Quite simply, art will be swapped for experiences.

The work designed and made by people with learning disabilities in collaboration with Artlink artists, varies from a gilded knuckle duster to a limited edition apron (there are only two in the world) will go on show for one week and during that time the group will look for barters for each of the artworks from gallery visitors.

In the Barter Swap Shop, visitors are invited to be as imaginative as possible and look at the value of the artworks in a completely different and more productive light. Value will be measured in offered experiences or objects more relevant to each maker. Artlink have provided a guide list of each artist’s interests and invite people to think creatively about what they could offer in exchange. You can read more about our other barters with the Midlothian Community here

Kara Christine coordinator of the programme states ‘ We intentionally want the audience to really think about the value of the work, to learn a little about the individual who made it and then make an offer. We have found in the past that all people involved get to do the most amazing things.  It’s win-win for all concerned.’

The Barter Swap shop will be open during gallery opening hours

For more information on this project contact

Kara Christine

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