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A Year Out – exhibition by Jenny Richards

Look out for Artlink’s next exhibition in the Pelican Gallery at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh – A Year Out, by Jenny Richardson. The exhibition presents a series of paintings Jenny made in her sixties, drawn from memories of a year she spent away from her family in a hospital for polio affected children in…

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Curious Routes

A passion for beekeeping led us to design the Scottish Beekeepers Association stand at the 2015 Royal Highland Show….

Barter Swap Shop

Arts Access

The Arts Access service creates links between people who want to discover and enjoy the arts in Edinburgh.

Barter Swap Shop

Pig Rock Bothy Project, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh from Monday March 16th to Sunday 22nd March, 10am till 5pm daily.

Curious Routes

Connecting the creative skills of individuals with mental health problems to people and organisations who share a common interest.